Adam Sven Johnson

Technical team lead & Senior developer


Adam Sven Johnson

+64 22 622 9832 (please organise a time via email or text before calling)

I'm a Technical team lead & Senior developer with over 10 years experience in a wide range of web development technologies.

I focus mainly on the back end of the web stack, building APIs and robust services, and have done some work using modern front end web technologies.

The current languages I have the most experience in are Ruby and Python and I'm also interested in newer languages like Go.

Personal interests include coffee, fermentation and food of all sorts, cycling and maps.

I'm a New Zealand citizen who has been working in the UK until recently.

Employment history

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Ruby/Ruby on Rails (Strong)

I have worked on many pre-existing and greenfield Rails apps providing both API services and website frontends and have a large understanding of their benefits and flaws and how to work with them effectively.

Python/Django/Flask (Strong)

I have used python for many personal projects since teaching myself the language at university. I’ve worked professionally on Django apps and embedded python for IoT devices. I’ve also developed Django apps for volunteer projects on several /dev/fort get aways.

Javascript/Node/React/Redux (Medium)

I have a good understanding of classic javascript and a medium amount of experience developing in more modern frameworks. I have also built services in Node for handling websocket connections.

Architecture/System Design (Medium)

I have rearchitected monolithic systems to service oriented architectures, and managed migration to them as gradual development without downtime or rewrites.

AWS/Heroku/Kubernetes (Medium)

I have used various AWS technologies, mostly EC2, SQS, RDS and Elastic Beanstalk to run systems and build pipelines.

I have used and deployed to Heroku and have migrated services from it to Kubernetes clusters when they’ve outgrown the hosted platform.

SQL/PostgreSQL/MySQL (Strong)

I have used both PostgreSQL and MySQL and have experience dealing with their differences and strengths. I have debugged and corrected encoding corruption and locking problems in MySQL and various performance problems from problems with ORM usage.

git/GitHub/Source Control (Strong)

I have used multiple source control systems but git has been the dominant one. I have a detailed understanding of how git works internally and can explain and fix problems. I have been using GitHub since it began in 2008. I’ve also used Subversion and CVS in the past.

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